New “Coming to PlayStation in 2017” Trailer Shows Upcoming Playstation Exclusives

Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer titled “Coming to PlayStation in 2017 | PS4” . The trailer contains many clips from upcoming 2017 games some of which are exclusive to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.

The Trailer starts by defining the Games “UNMISSABLE PS4 console exclusives in 2017”

The montage trailer contains clips from Gran Turismo Sport, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Drawn to Death, NieR: Automata, Detroit: Become Human, Yakuza 0, Farpoint, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy,  Matterfall, Gravity Rush 2, WipEout Omega Collection, MLB The Show 17, New Everybody’s Golf, Dreams, Pyre, Persona 5, NiOh, World of Warriors, Nex Machina, Knack 2, PaRappa the Rapper, StarBlood Arena and Horizon: Zero Dawn. The trailer does include Detroit: Become Human which confirms the game is releasing in 2017 .

(Update : Detroit: Become Human and Dreams are after all not confirmed for release in 2017 as confirmed by Sony President Shuhei Yoshida and clips of those games in this video were simple a mistake . Read our detailed article on that story here)

The Trailer ends with defining PS4 “THE BEST PLACE To plat the biggest games”.  Check out the complete trailer below .