Detroit: Become Human and Dreams Not Confirmed For 2017 Says Sony President

Yesterday Sony Interactive Entertainment released a new trailer titled “Coming to PlayStation in 2017 | PS4” which showed clips from many upcoming games including Detroit: Become Human and Dreams . Since the Video was Titled Coming to PlayStation in 2017 many fans including us presumed the inclusion of Detroit: Become Human and Dreams in the video confirmed these games are releasing this year , however that’s not the case.

When a fan tweeted developers Media Molecule ( Developer of Dreams ) and Quantic Dreams ( Developer of Detroit: Become Human ) asking if it was a mistake or if the two games are actually releasing this year , Sony’s Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida tweeted back replying the listing was simply a mistake on the parts of PlayStation EU.

However this doesn’t mean any of the games coming out in 2017 is not possible , it could very well come out this year . It just means right now neither of the games are confirmed for release in 2017.

Check out the “Coming to PlayStation in 2017 | PS4”  trailer below :