PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets New “Countdown Trailer”

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Platstation YouTube Channel released a new “Countdown Trailer” for the upcoming Playstation exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn

The trailer shows no Gameplay or CG footage so we can assume it is more to celebrate the new year than to promote the game . The Trailer starts by celebrating new year 2017 with balloons in classic PlayStation Blue background which quickly turns to 3017 where the background is covered with plants just like the post apocalyptic world in the game where much of earth is covered with plants in the future . The Audio too quickly turns from a celebratory music to eerie sounds of military radio and screams.

Check out the Horizon Zero Dawn – Countdown Trailer below .Horizon: Zero Dawn will release for PS4 on February 28, 2017 in North America, and on March 1st in Europe.