New Logan Poster Released

Hugh Jackman has taken to twitter today to share a new image for his upcoming final foray as Logan. As the release date of Logan is approaching new trailer and posters are being released.

LOGAN. 3.3.17

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Director James Mangold expressed his feelings about the movie

“I’ve been waiting to make so it is…I have the feeling is similar in the sense that you know when I worked on the last one you know there’s a kind of learning curve entering that world and there was a lot I really love about the movie there but there was aspects of the character free from the Japanese plot that I thought would be interesting to explore when audience were hungry for.”

He also explained his influence from the comic Old Man Logan comics

“I think it was a powerful influence on not only just in the back of our minds it wasn’t something we could directly adopt.. but it was something that really led me and I even think gave me permission in a way to take the character to kind of a amore fragile place and in a different place and also feel like we were in a sense betraying some of the cannon because that had already happened in the comic books…but it was a very interesting uh.. opportunity afforded us to kind of reimaging Logan… push things ahead of any existing timelines and have a chance to kind of start fresh and essentially the whole goal was to make an adult movie you know that core the goal was to just make a film that isn’t serving so many masters I think so amny of these tempo films partly as a function how much they cost are trying to be great for seven-year-olds fourteen-year-olds twenty-year-olds and forty-year-olds and there’s a little bit of variety show in the sense that the tone is shifting all the time from silly to serious and I think more than anything I wanted to make a film that just maybe stood out in the sense that it was just a grown-up movie that just happened to be about superhero characters.”

He said the rating for the movie has yet to be decided by the censor board.


He also said his goal was to make a serious movie and to have seriousness about the character that now a day’s most superhero movies lack

“Absolutely well you know I can’t tell you how many times people sent even that clip from the video game about eight years ago with him you know stabbing people through walls and it’s a very winning argument and it’s something you can’t do without any studio being willing to cross other line and make something that risks getting an R ..but beyond that it’s also about tone and it’s about you know you can’t quite it all the wisecracks the cigar the cute repartee the violence you have to kind of pick one and I think we of anything went for just a kind of very adult knowing this issue last timeout we decided to go you know as much as models anything else you know movies like The Wrestler for example the kind of film that kept thinking that’s gonna be really interesting and we gave the script to the studio… we were clear that we wanted to make something that was going to in a way limit the audience and so they can give us as much to financially as we’ve had him as others films like this have but we have a lot of freedom I think that one of my feeling were that these movies no matter how much money has been thrown at them lately these kind of movies they’re not getting better for the amount of cash being thrown at them and I think we’re getting kind of numb to the spectacle where that is getting holding us.. I mean we can do most of that stuffs ourselves on an xbox now and so in many ways that spectacle I find myself thinking about  other things in movies as the noise is pounding and those images are flying by me that I’m not emotionally engaged in the movie and that was our number one goal.”