Sherlock Season 4: Will Blow Your Mind – There is More to Come

Check out what the Cast describes about what we can look forward to in the series 4.

From Season 4 episode 1 we certainly get a taste as to what to expect from further episode and still we know nothing(because it’s Sherlock guys). Instead of getting into spoiler details let’s move on towards the main topic.

This is what the caste had to say about the whole upcoming season 4:

Louise Brealey who plays Molly Hooper 

“There are some really nasty creatures in series four and some magic and some of the delight that made me fall in love with this show right at the start.”  

Rupert Graves who plays DI Lestrade said

“It is mind blowing, it blew my mind and Lestrade of course in his own lovely little way is struggling to understand what’s happening.”

Amanda Abbington playing Mary Watson said:

“It is unlike anything we have seen throughout the last three series and it’s very unexpected and funny and tragic and beautiful and we’re all incredibly proud of the full series we think it’s our finest yet.”

Episode 2 “The Lying Detective” coming out on 8 January 2017

Episode 3 “The Final Problem” coming out on 15 January 2017